Shrey's Biofibe | Prebiotic & Probiotic for Digestive Health & Boosting Immunity

Biofibe - Pre & Probiotic for Digestive Health & Immunity

  • Brand: Shrey Nutraceuticals & Herbals Pvt. Ltd.
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BiofibeTM is a formulation containing Pre and Prebiotics scientifically proven to enhance the functioning and environment of the human gut to a healthy one. Probiotics promote the growth of good or beneficial bacteria and kill harmful bacteria, whilst Prebiotics promote the growth of beneficial bacteria. Consuming this may enhance the very digestive process and provide one with a balanced intestine. Hence, Biofibe works at the fundamental level to restore the proper intestinal balance and also aids in enhancing one’s immune function.

Research & Articles:

Achieving Gut Health

The human digestive system is a crucial part of our overall well-being and health. It is involved in a plethora of processes and if our system is in order, it enhances how well we feel and how much we can do in our daily lives. Read More

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