Ayurvedic Psorcare Capsule - Supplement for Psoriasis, Leucoderma, Leprosy, skin disease, itchy skin & reducing emotional stress

Psorcare Capsules for Psoriasis

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Shrey’s Psorcare capsule is a combination of herbal ingredients which significantly controls psoriasis and other skin diseases. Psorcare reduces itchy skin, scaling, lesions, redness, thick patchy and silvery scales.

This safe & natural combination effectively controls the re-occurrence of symptoms. Along with physical symptoms, Psorcare also alleviates the stress levels of a person. It reduces the emotional stress and improves body immunity.

Psorcare is indicated in various chronic skin disorders such as psoriasis, leucoderma, leprosy and in eruptive skin disorder.

*Dietary Supplement

Research & Articles:

Managing Psoriasis: A Safe & Effective Approach

Psoriasis a fairly common, non-infectious skin condition that occurs due to a flare up in the immune system and may cause plaques of thickened, red or scaly patches to appear on the skin. Psoriasis can be associated with other health conditions such as diabetes, heart disease and depression. The exact cause of this disease is not fully known but it is certain that the immune system and genetics of a person are involved in the development of psoriasis.  Read More

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