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Calcium is one of the most important minerals for they human body. Our teeth and bones contain the maximum amounts of it. Other parts of the body like nerve cells, blood, tissues also contain calcium in smaller amounts.

If consumed in supplement form, Calcium can help strengthen bones and teeth. It can also help prevent osteoporosis at later stages of life. Additionally calcium has functions such as assisting in blood clotting, contracting and relaxing muscles, conducting nerve signals and more.

Here you can find the right type of product for your health needs and strengthen your mineral composition and hence, bone and teeth health.

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Menopassit-C for Optimal Bone Health

Menopassit-C for Optimal Bone Health

Menopassit-C is a health supplement specifically for prevention of osteoporosis a..

₹ 1,190.00 ₹ 1,700.00

Shreycal-C for Strong Bones

Shreycal-C for Strong Bones

Shreycal-C tablet is the combination of calcium citrate, magnesium and zinc. S..

₹ 383.00 ₹ 450.00

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