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Weight Management in Contemporary Times

Human lifestyle and societal situations have evolved insuch a way, that how much you weigh or what one’s body fat percentage is, hasgained a significant meaning in many people’s lives. More than how one looks orfeels; it is the fundamental basis of the quality of human health and what oneis capable of doing in the world. A majority of the chronic diseases in theworld today are in some way influenced by how one keeps their system’snutrition, exercise and weight status related to it. Managing some of theseaspects has tremendous implications in terms of achieving good overall healthand wellbeing.

Weight loss and its requirement maynot be applicable to everyone but to find out if it is something one needs tolook into, a simple way to know is by calculating one’s BMI or Body Mass Index.BMI calculators are easily available online or are even calculated on manymodern day weighing scales. A healthy BMI number is considered to be one from18.5 to 25. If it is from 25 to 30, it is considered overweight and anythingabove this is obese. If one is in the latter two categories then they are at ahigher risk of having heart disease, high blood pressure, type 2 diabetes,stroke and some cancers.

So what is it that is leading to agreater number of individuals gaining weight and having non communicable,chronic diseases? The modern day lifestyle owes itself to people living in away that is not in tune with requirements of the human body. A lack of balancein terms of nutrition is one reason; excess eating and the wrong kind of foodsare another reason. By wrong kind of foods we do not mean any food is bad orgood, there are just certain foods or drinks that are not suitable for thehuman system beyond a limit such as processed food. Another facet is the lackof movement and exercise with much of today’s generation working withtechnology and on workstations that do not allow much physical activity inone’s life. Hence achieving a balance between a healthy nutritious diet andkeeping physically active throughout each day can greatly assist in living ahealthy life with a normal weight.

Here are a few focus points upon which one can assisttheir own weight loss and achieve good health:

•Nutrition: A largepercentage of why people fail to lose weight even after trying all otheravenues of physical exercise, yoga and crash diets is because the way in whichone tries to achieve weight loss is not sustainable in some way for the longterm or has the wrong focus. Taking care of nutrition is a huge aspect ofhaving a healthy weight. If one is genuinely interested in bringing down thephysical weight, they must look into how much they consume and essentially whatit is they are consuming. Essentially you cannot lose weight if you do notconsume fewer calories than what metabolizes through the day but what kind ofcalories you consume are very important for weight loss. Eating vegetables,fruits, nuts, lean sources of protein, slowly digested carbohydrates like wholegrains are essential to a well-rounded diet, whilst saturated fats, excesssugar and oil must be reduced in the meals that one consumes.

How one eats is also important, restaurant and processed food may be tasty formany people and once in a while it may be fine for consumption but to achieve asense of well-being and good health, it’s important to have home cooked mealsthat are balanced in terms of nutrition and portion size. Sugary desserts andhigh calorie consumption through these and other fizzy or alcoholic drinks mustalso be reduced to a great degree to see any positive results.

•Exercise: Toenhance the effects of having a proper nutritious diet and achieving a sense ofwell-being and good health, exercise is a crucial component. Exercise alonecannot achieve weight loss but combined with a good nutritious meal plan, itcan aid tremendously in catalyzing weight loss. One should attempt to get somelevel of exercise in a day, each day. Even something simple as walking isconsidered good for the heart and promotes a feeling of being well. Walking,running, cycling, swimming, hiking, playing sports and going to the gym are allpart of a healthy lifestyle contributing to a healthy weight.

• Supplements: Weight loss supplements can beof various kinds, but there are many that may even harm the system if they haveany side effects or are just not effective. Shrey Nutraceuticals formulationfor weight management - Slimyano hasbeen extensively studied for its benefits as a natural aid in supporting one’squest for losing weight. Each ingredient that is part of Slimyano Capsules mayassist in body fat reduction, weight loss and a feeling of satiety. Aningredient like green tea has many a research behind it supporting its abilityto improve one’s metabolism and aid in burning extra fat and calories within aday. The specially formulated Lactosorb complex has many ingredients likeChitosan, Fructo Oligosaccharides, Active Carbon, Vitamin C and others thatwork in concert to create a wholistic solution for weight loss and management.

If these strategies are employed byany individual, then weight loss and good health are not a dream but can bemade into a reality.


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